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15-year-old company in furniture
manufacturing and regional
distribution of high-end sofas

500 employees, 2021


Natural stagnation, loss of turnover and decrease in profits, demotivated staff, low work efficiency.


With help of group facilitation and diagnostic methods,
I've built a new effective organizational structure that was implemented for company staff optimization, which resulted in a decrease of the workforce by 20%. Built a communication system between 8 departments based on areas of responsibility, by methodically applying functional analyses and group assessment training. As a result, we observed an increase in the rate of completed tasks. Supported the implementation process of proposed organizational changes (opening and optimization of the new production line) to decrease staff turnover. Coached top management to achieve high KPls, and supported them to avoid burnout.


1. Optimized of the company's budget expenses for the payroll fund.

2. Improved the quality of the back officebusiness processes.

3. Reduced staff turnover (reduced the cost of recruiting and training newcomers).

4. Improved the efficiency of top management.

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