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Anna Kraft

of experience in leadership development
and organizational culture changes

>13 years

Anna Kraft

Flagship topics: 

Emotional intelligence
Leadership skills
Volitional regulation
Habit formation

 I have EuroPsy certification and was a member
of the International Society for Emotional Intelligence, Russian Psychological
Society, and Society of Industrial Organizational Psychology (APA).

I have an organizational psychology project management experience in companies with over 1000 employees as an HR director, CEO, and COO. As a result, my counselling approach is based on real-world managerial experience.

In 2018 I was a speaker at TEDx on the topic
of «Emotional intelligence as the sense and sensibility of the city», watch the full talk in the link (TED talk).

My additional field of interest is eastern practices integrated with psychology, While living in Thailand I passed several Vipassana retreats, practiced Qi Gong, and got certified in cognitive behavioral therapy of mindfulness.


>10 years

of teaching and management experience – as an associate professor and vice dean
of the psychology department

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